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CPCS A62 Tests


CPCS A62 Crane / Lift Supervisor Tests


Theory Test: 1 Hour / Practical Test: 1hr 30 mins

Course Code:



Who's it for:

For candidates wishing to achieve a CPCS red trained operator card.
It is recommended that candidates have both practical and theoretical knowledge regarding the use of cranes, slinging and the risk assessment process.

Personnel selection is critical. The position of `Crane Supervisor` carries a great deal of responsibility and only suitable personnel should be selected for this role.



Entry Criteria:

Candidates must have passed a CSCS Supervisor`s Level Health & Safety Test before attending this course.


Test Content:


The sequence of events shall be in numerical order The test must be completed

within a given time.


Preparation of the work area 



1 Receive and study the lift plan 

2 Ensure all personnel involved in the lifting operation are suitably qualified,

   suitably attired and inform them of their duties 

3 Prepare the area of operation 

Setting up for work     



 4 Mark the position of the crane and guide the crane from the site entry point

   to the required location (the crane must be a minimum of 10 metres away from

   the lift point)

 5 Ensure that the crane is fit-for-purpose and suitably certificated 

 6 Identify the weight of the load and its characteristic 

 7 Check landing area and mark exact position for landing the load 

Working tasks



 8 Indicate to the slinger the position of lifting accessories on the load 

 9 Ensure accessories attached as per lift plan

10 Check integrity of the load

11 Ensure load is moved and landed as per lift plan

12 During the moving of the load, demonstrate the action of an emergency stop 

Completing work 



13 Ensure load is safe and accessories returned to storage

14 Debrief all personnel involved in the lifting operation, and verbally report

      aspects of the lift to the Appointed Person

15 Guide the crane from the lift position back to the site access point 




 During the test, the Tester will undertake the role of the Appointed Person

• All hand signals must conform with BS 7121 Part 1

Where Next?:

  • Having successfully completed the CPCS tests each candidate will be issued with a CPCS red trained operator card , they will then have 2 years in which to complete a level 4 NVQ. On completion of the NVQ a CPCS blue competent operator card will be issued which is valid for 5 years.
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