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CPCS A61 Tests

CPCS A61 Appointed Person Tests


Theory Test: 1 Hour / Practical Test: 6hrs 30 mins

Course Code:



Who's it for:

For candidates wishing to achieve a CPCS red trained operator card.
It is recommended that candidates have both practical and theoretical knowledge regarding the use of cranes, slinging and the risk assessment process.

Personnel selection is critical. The position of `appointed person` carries a great deal of responsibility and only suitable personnel should be selected for this role.



Entry Criteria:

Candidates must have completed a CSCS Management and Professionally Qualified Person Level Health, Safety & Environmental Test within the last two years before starting the course.

Test Content:


  • The Technical Test theory question paper or lift scenario may be attempted in any order by the candidate. However, the theory question paper, once started, must be completed by the Candidate before a comfort/refreshment break can be taken.
  • The test must be completed within a given time. 


  • The tester will issue a lift scenario to each Candidate. Each Candidate will have a different scenario.
  • A suitable factor of safety must be determined and applied to the accessories and crane for each scenario by the candidate. The factor of safety determined must be justified and relevant to the operation.
  • The standards of the practical test grading sheet must be explained to the Candidates prior to starting the test. It is recommended to allow Candidates sight of the marking sheet
  • Rigged weight must include information on any additional counterweights used.
  • To be successful on the test, candidates must pay particular attention to detail. Information stated on the drawing MUST be replicated correspondingly in the risk assessment/method statement and vica-versa.


Where Next?:

  • Having successfully completed the CPCS tests each candidate will be issued with a CPCS red trained operator card , they will then have 2 years in which to complete a level 5 NVQ. On completion of the NVQ a CPCS blue competent operator card will be issued which is valid for 5 years.
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