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CPCS A40 Tests

CPCS A40B Slinger Signaller Tests - All Types - Static Duties


Theory Test: 1 Hour / Practical Test: 1hr 20 mins

Course Code:



Who's it for:

For candidates wishing to achieve a CPCS red trained operator card.



Entry Criteria:

Candidates must have completed a CSCS Operator Level Health, Safety & Environmental Test within the last two years before starting the course.

Test Content:


  • Activities 2 and 3 can be undertaken at any time during the test
  • Activities 8 - 10 can be undertaken in any order

The test must be completed within a given time.

Preparing for work

     1.     Check equipment for function and serviceability

     2.     From two or more examples each of a web sling, chain sling and wire rope, identify the correct type of accessory and impound all unserviceable items.

     3.     From at least two examples of lifting equipment certification, identify certification not meeting current legislation or regulations.

Setting up for work

     4.    Establish the weight and features of each load prior to lifting

     5.    Establish communication methods [visual and with radios] with the crane operator

     6.    Select the relevant lifting accessory for the load to be lifted.

Working Tasks

     7.     Attach the selected lifting accessory and prepare each load for lifting

     8.     Lift LOAD 1 from ground level, guide and land in a designated place out of sight of the crane operator. when landed, return the load to the original start point, land at a designated place and detach the accessory

     9.    Lift LOAD 2 from ground level, guide to a minimum radius of the crane, slew for at least 180 degrees and land at a designated place which is at mid-radius. When landed, detach accessory

     10.   Lift LOAD 3 from ground level, guide to minimum radius of the crane, slew for at least 360 degrees and land at a designated place which involves a change of radius. When landed, detach accessory

Completing Work

     11.   All loads to be made safe following each activity

     12.   Collect and store all lifting accessories


  • Each load must be lifted using a different type of accessory.
  • Activity 8 must be undertaken twice, once using radio communication and once using hand signals
  • For the purposes of the test, all hand communication shall conform to BS 7121: Part 1 2000
  • For activity 10, the load must be slung using the double wrap method.
  • The tester may during the test ask the candidate to identify the type of lifting accessory being used.


Activity Measurements

Load Placing - To be landed within 100 mm of a designated place

Test Timings - The test must be completed within 1 hour and 20 minutes [activities 1, 2 and 3 may be excluded from the total time]


Where Next?

  • Having successfully completed the CPCS tests each candidate will be issued with a CPCS red trained operator card , they will then have 2 years in which to complete a level 2 NVQ. On completion of the NVQ a CPCS blue competent operator card will be issued which is valid for 5 years.
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