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Driver CPC - LGV Essentials


7 hours

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1st Call Training is a JAUPT Accredited Driver CPC Centre, offering Driver CPC Training Courses (Certificate of Professional Competence) for Lorry Drivers (LGV/Large Goods Vehicles). According to EU regulations, all professional drivers must complete 35 hours of periodic CPC training every 5 years.

Aims and benefits:

• cover legislation for EU drivers, including rules on drivers’ hours and
working time, together with working time records
• cover legislation for domestic drivers, including rules on hours and
working time
• introduce the basics of digital tachograph recording equipment
• To equip drivers to make practical use of digital & analogue recording
equipment, including use of the driver smart card, interaction with the
vehicle unit, working with Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), accurate
manual data entry and production of printouts.
• explore the regulatory requirement in respect of key aspects of the
• explore the procedure for carrying out checks
• identify key components to be checked
• enable delegates to understand check sheets, defect reports and their
• provide information on the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)
system and issues surrounding enforcement The course also addresses
drivers’ responsibilities and the importance of defect reporting for
compliance with the operator’s licence.

Course Content:

  • appreciate the impact of legislation on themselves and their employer
  • understand definitions in the legislation
  • remain within the law whilst employed as a driver
  • record their working time in the proper manner
  • appreciate the powers of enforcement authorities
  • make use of their digital smart card and understand what actions to take
  • in the event that they have to drive without it
  • use the controls of the digital equipment and navigate through the
  • menus
  • take printouts and replace the paper roll
  • explain their responsibilities under the legislation
  • have a full appreciation of their legal duty and the importance of O
  • licence compliance
  • be fully competent in the carrying out of a daily walk around check
  • including documentation completion
  • understand the critical importance of ensuring safe vehicle operation
  • and passenger safety at all times
  • appreciate the consequences of non-compliance from both a driver
  • and operator perspective

Training Methods:

  • Classroom/Tutorials

Methods of Assessment:

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